Work in Progress


Here’s the monthly field report of SAM volunteers and staff as they engage with communities to address pregnancy and child related challenges in villages. Their intervention objectives are:

  • To brief the participants about the objective of community health care initiative.
  • To brief the participants about the activities at the village level of community health care initiative of SAM.
  • To seek involvement from the community to make sure that pregnant women, the new-borns and babies under a year, avail timely services.

May Month Activities-GADAG HQ

Sl NoActivitiesNumbersParticipates
1Pregnant women meetings95872
2Lactating women meetings73714
3SHG women Meetings1081365
4Home Visits3164
5High risk women Home Visits646

May Month Achievement

Total Number of Deliveries:566
Total Number of Home Deliveries:01
Total Number of Hospital Deliveries:566
Maternal Mortality:00
Infant Mortality:08
Total Number of Pregnant Mothers:2555
New Pregnant added this Month:645

May Month Activities-NIZAMABAD – HQ

Sl NoActivities NumbersParticipates
1Pregnant women meetings94648
2Lactating women meetings92557
3SHG women Meetings89810
4Home Visits542
5High risk women Home Visits84

May Month Achievement

Total Number of Deliveries:144
Total Number of Home Deliveries:00
Total Number of Hospital Deliveries:144
Maternal Mortality:00
Infant Mortality:00
Total Number of Pregnant Mothers:784
New Pregnant added this Month:128