Every 10 minutes a woman dies in India from complications of
pregnancy or childbirth.

Save a Mother has reduced maternal mortality by 90 percent
in the villages it has served.

Not For Profit Organisation

Save a Mother is a Not for profit organisation, working in more than 1800 villages across India since 2008.

Our mission is to develop sustainable healthcare solutions for the
poor, with maternal mortality reduction as a first step.

What We Do

The Save a Mother (“SAM”) Foundation has created and implemented a cost-effective framework for rural health care advocacy and education in India.



Over 90% of your donation goes toward field work.
Our administrative cost is zero. We are all volunteers.



SAM is funded by a combination of foundation grants and individual contributions. SAM is a 501(c)(3) organization in the USA and a 80G foundation in India.



Prevent Maternal Mortality by Doing What You Do Best. We’re looking for people from all across the U.S. with a variety of skills.


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